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With over 12 years of experience in custom nutraceutical manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and new product development, GSL Currently Labs manufactures over 1,000 unique Formulations of softgels, tablets, capsules, and powders / Liquids Systems. Our capacity Allows us speed and flexibility in production and you reduce lead times on orders large and small alike.
GSL Labs. Is the conclusion of the work and experience, carried well with the needs of our customers in previous corporate:
Kenko Vital (Japan-Philippines)
GS Solutions (South America and Asia)
Terra Affair-CPX Peru Sac-Amazon Rainforest-Frutarom Peru(South America and Asia) to the present.
Comprehensive formulations simplify the patient prescription resulting in higher patient compliance for increased clinical outcomes. GSL Natural Organic products are formulated from a combination of scientific research (evidence-based medicine), traditional use of natural substances, and the art of medicine (experience). This ongoing commitment to quality, innovation, and efficacy is what sets GSL Natural Organic  products apart and has made them a leader in the nutraceutical industry today.




Experience gained around the corner

Our experience in the Asian market, been noble and many anecdotes of the professional field, as well as the contrasts of Consumer Cultures and their reaction to a nutraceutical; credibility or not, I depended on time and demonstrate the quality of the product; since in many markets nutraceutical products or food supplements, it has abused the trust and confidence of patients; besides the handling of markenting Traditional pharmaceutical industry; with its high spending on advertisements and visits by officials to hospitals and medical clinics; continue to motivate the community for health, only he goes in search of homeopathic or herbal medicine; ultimately.

But In These last 5 years, it has-been a big change; That the Asian community is turning to nature the health and organic search; Which motivates our corporation to Work With more databases, pre tested and show grounds, That no mistake: The Age of Nutraceuticals, you come again, to stay to serve the community, in search of health and solution to health ailments, it was time to recover what was lost: the natural.


Our Strategics Customers

We have always relied on the development of natural extracts GSL Solutions (GSL Natural Organic Philippines), the cost of raw materials are honest and deserve our respect. (「ドラッグストア モリ」のナチュラル (株)-Drug Store's Morii-Natural-Fukuoka Prefecture). 

Since we started working with the active ingredients of  (GSL Natural Organic Inc.-Philippines) increased our sales; based on source products from South America (Peru and Brazil)  ナチュラルクリニック大阪



GSL Natural Organic
Central Agricultural (Terra Affair Srl.) :
115 G. Francisco Vidal Huacho-Lima PERU

Export Division:

Finance Sec:
439 G. Francisco Vidal Ave. Huacho-Lima-PERU
Main Account: Victoria Yoshie Zuiko Zuiko de Suzuki


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