Curvy Aerobics

Curvy Aerobics

There is a muscle called the tensor fasciae latae or TFL for short, That runs along the side of your hip, When the muscle is weak making it lays flat but narrow hips look When the muscle is strong and big it Creates a sexy beautiful curve. MIx Maca3 is amazing not only for feeding but your butt muscles Also the TFL.
Here we chose a thorough analysis on the Mix Maca3 which acts with female huanarpo polyphenols, substances becoming Pro-DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone / dehydroepiandrostenedione) .DHEA is the # 1 hormone needed for a bigger butt.So When DHEA is with the combined phytoestrogens of the Aguaje That the blood will flow into the butt zone will be full of protein, nutrients, vitamins and estrogen That will nourish the muscles and skin to Develop a fuller and rounded big butt.
Product Characteristic: Powder System.  MOQ: 40 Kg/100Kg/300 Kg/1MT.
Package: Laminated Bags Plastics./Box: 20Kg.



GSL Natural Organic
Central Agricultural (Terra Affair Srl.) :
115 G. Francisco Vidal Huacho-Lima PERU

Export Division:


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