Perfect Curvy

Perfect Curvy

Our 100% natural formulation for your butt and hips; have a natural and beautiful way. It is based on natural ingredients: Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa var peruvianis.) Mix Maca (Lepidium meyenii walp. Red, Yellow and Black) and Huanarpo Female. Whose double distillation extractions are subsequently reduced to steam Destilation (alcoholic) and whose solid suspensions, transformed into a Premium atomized powder. The  natural ingredients stand for the large amount of phytosterols, amino acids (L-Arginine, lysine and others), plus the glucosides and polyphenols; to act on adipose and muscle tissue, giving a natural touch and increasing their desired curves.


Product Characteristic: Powder System.  MOQ: 100Kg/300 Kg/1MT.
Package: Laminated Bags Plastics./Box: 20Kg.


GSL Natural Organic
Central Agricultural (Terra Affair Srl.) :
115 G. Francisco Vidal Huacho-Lima PERU

Export Division:


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