Treatment ED

Treatment ED

This herbal-based formulation: Epidemium brevicornum,  Huanarpo male(Jatropa macrantha)and (Corynaea crassa)  performing the organic extractions that with specific methods of dehydration and / or Hydro alcoholic extraction, can be Obtained icariin, amino acids (arginine, leucine,lysine, valine and others), sterols (sitosterol, campesterol, ergosterol and others), Minerals,Macronutrients: such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium Until Micronutrients: such as zinc, manganese.

1.-Epidemium brevicornum (Icariin)

2.-Corynaea crassa: β-sitosterol, lupenone, β-amyrone, lupeol, and β-amyrine.

3.-Jatropa macrantha: catechins and proanthocyanidin B-3.

 Determined extraction ratio and proportions, for each ingredient, for system Human ergonomics, got to get it Natural's, Able to revitalize and regenerate  tissues damaged by poor diet, pollution and contamination Product included the deterioration of the nervous  system symptoms of strees.Besides balancing the hormonal exhausted, by the above factors Mentioned.

Product Characteristic: Powder System.  MOQ: 100 Kg/300 Kg/1MT.
Package: Laminated Bags Plastics./Box: 20Kg.


GSL Natural Organic
Central Agricultural (Terra Affair Srl.) :
115 G. Francisco Vidal Huacho-Lima PERU

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