The aim of the following phytochemical composition, is to reduce and / or rehabilitate: synaptic functions (Neural Unions) And Also at Normal Functioning of the nerve cells of the Central nervous system (including the brain), giving regular transport of oxygenation and thus obtain , so keep Their motion control functions, behavior and regulate arguments, With balanced production of various hormones, in Addition to Maintain in good condition the organs of sense. It is one of the most accepted theses for treating Alzheimer's disease and problems of people with high working life, intellectual effort among other . The phytochemical composition is based on roots and seeds, extractions With Different types and / or classes of solvents and lyophilization to Obtain the final product in powder form.

< On this foundation or diagnosis, we must take into account the carotenoid Bixin in Bixina Orellana, is Extracted by Steam destilation and separate the active ingredient: tocotrienols are the subject of current nutritional and medical research since antiangiogenic effects, The anti-angiogenic property of vitamin E compounds, With special emphasis on Tocotrienol, has Been Investigated in vitro. Tocotrienol, but not Tocopherol, Both inhibited the proliferation and tube formation of endothelial cells, delta-tocotrienol appearing With the highest activity. Also, Delta-tocotrienol reduced the vascular endothelial growth factor-stimulated tube formation by human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Our findings Suggest That tocotrienol has potential use as a therapeutic dietary supplement for Minimizing tumor angiogenesis. Determining so, remove the graduativamente accumulation of amyloid plaques.>

Product Characteristic: Powder System.  MOQ: 100Kg/300 Kg/1MT.

Package: Laminated Bags Plastics./Box: 20Kg.

<in this="" part="" of="" alzheimer's="" disease,="" we="" argue="" about="" that="" tau="" protein,="" re-stabilize="" their="" shape="" and="" conformation="" amino="" acids;="" important="" for="" neuronal="" maintain="" healthy="" synapse="" different="" brain="" areas;="" with="" nurture="" it="" like="" parts="" (amino="" acids)="" antioxidants,="" which="" have="" maca="" (lepidium="" meyenii="" var.="" chacon)="" thus="" achieve="" a="" graduativa="" rehabilitation="" protein="" comes="" from="" mrna,="" remember="" the="" macadine="" together="" arginine,="" histidine,="" phenylalanine,="" threonine,="" tyrosine="" are="" pro="" mrna="" activating="" antioxidant:="" anthocyanin="" aids="" minerals="" vitamins;="" determined="" to="" be="" bio-active="" agents="" prevent="" or="" cure="" early="" stages="" disease.="" methanol="" extract="" tuber="" also="" contains="" (1r,="" 3s)="" -1-methyltetrahydro-carboline-3-carboxylic="" acid,="" molecule="" is="" reported="" exert="" many="" activities="" on="" central="" nervous="" system.="" biochemical="" properties="" increase="" re-="" activate="" synaptic="" function="" neurons,="" avoiding="" drop="" functions="" in="" system.


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