We do not make Natural Products, God and nature think so.But, We just improved the concept and proper use of Natural Products, for the good of the Community.

With a team of experts Naturophatics That includes industries researchs and Developments Physicians, scientists and lab technicians, farmers who love and protect nature, GSL Natural Asia - Southamerica is uniquely Qualified to assist your Corporate or Company in a variety of areas includes: Products Research and development (PRD), New Dietary Ingredients (NDI), submissions, self-Affirmed GRAS Determinations, and product claims substantiation. That With more 15 years of experience, we offer the best of our work in the area of Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Functional foods and beverages.

Nutraceutical Products Consulting


Offers full-service natural products and nutraceutical consulting, specializing in the areas of scientific research coordination, technical writing, regulatory compliance, and product development. We call it GSL Supplementology. We tailor our services to the individual needs of each client and can help with:

Research & Development

New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notification

cGMP Compliance

GRAS Self Affirmation

Strategic Partnerships

At GSL Natural Organic Life Sciences, we also maintain one of the largest private natural products research libraries. This collection, managed by a full-time librarian and support staff, allows our technical staff to conduct timely and cost-effective scientific literature reviews and the development of technical presentations and publications.

CRO/Research Consulting(Clinical Research Organization)

GSL Natural Organic  Life Sciences has the expertise to guide you in designing research strategies to study the quality, safety, and efficacy of your products. We can also coordinate the entire research process from start to finish in areas such as:

Preclinical Research

Clinical Research

Analytical and Specialty Research

With years of experience in study design, protocol development, data management, and statistical analysis, we also specialize in utilizing novel and cutting-edge research techniques such as metabonomics and product-specific customized assays. We can help you optimize your research dollars to establish a record of safety and efficacy for your products with study designs that give you the most pragmatic, market-ready information.

Utilizing our GLP(Good Laboratory Practices) and GCP(Good Clinical Practices) compliant research facilities located around the world to meet your goals, GSL Natural organic Life Sciences will help your company generate scientific data specific to your product. Then, to help position your product, we make those results meaningful – by generating marketing claims that are substantiated by the research, producing technical papers on your product and by preparing the information for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, as a poster presentation, or for lectures at scientific conferences.


Women's Wellness Program

Our Team Clinical Naturoterapeutics can address a wide variety of imbalances including: fatigue, mood imbalances, menstrual issues, peri-menopause, menopause, gut dysfunction, thyroid and adrenal problems. With specialized training in balancing the hormone naturally, she Also Understand the many unique issues facing women today and the effect stress and the environment can Have on your health.


Fertility Drug-Free Program

Drawing on years of research and the latest information About how nutrition, toxins and genes play a role in the Ability to conceive and Maintain a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Stephanie is on the leading edge for optimizing your conception plans without the need for synthetic drugs or expensive IVF procedures. 50% of infertility is unexplained, but research Indicates That It's likely due to more subtle imbalances in nutrient density, hormonal imbalances and genetic factors. Dr. Stephanie's proven five pronged approach addresses Nutrition, Detox, Genomics, Hormone Balance and Spiritual-Emotional considerations so you can go on to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby!


Male Vitality program

The Male Vitality Program is here to address mood imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia, brain fog or low libido That have you feeling less than your MOST vital self. Get your edge back, Increase productivity, performance and happiness With the MVP

We'll start with a full assessment of you, treats Including a medical history, lifestyle assessment, your health goals and micronutrient and hormone blood testing, genetic and stress assessment in the saliva, and digestive and immune function testing stool With And Then will recommend a personalized protocol to optimize your vitality. Depending on our findings, we'll recommend one of two tracks: a 3 month or 6 month program That program will dial in your nutrition, fitness, stress reduction and optimization of your hormones, brain chemicals, immune and digestive systems.


Both Program

It is dedicated exclusively to producing and dealing with natural medicine, the cure and prevention of obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson principles, specific cancer treatments.

All the Best for You

Jose Luis Suzuki Zuiko

R&D Director Manager








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